Integrasi Ilmu Fisika Pada Materi Besaran dan Satuan terhadap Alqur’an dan As-sunnah Untuk Mewujudkan Paradigma Teoantropoekosentris

Himsar Himsar (Universitas Islam Negeri Syekh Ali Hasan Ahmad Addary Padangsidimpuan, Indonesia)
Yenni Khairani Lubis (Universitas Islam Negeri Syekh Ali Hasan Ahmad Addary Padangsidimpuan, Indonesia)


This research discusses the views of the Qur'an on the physical science of quantities and units. This research uses a descriptive qualitative approach, collecting research data in 3 ways, namely interviews, observation and documentation. The Koran is Kalamullah which contains information, Shari'a, worship, history and science, all of which certainly does not have the slightest doubt in it. One part of the contents of the Koran is science. The science that is developing rapidly at the moment is science. The development of science has changed all aspects of human life, one of which is physics. One of the topics discussed in physics is quantities and units. The concept of quantities and units has been agreed upon and explained by experts in the international system (SI) with details of basic quantities and derived quantities. There are 7 basic quantities, while derivative quantities are a combination of several basic quantities. The basic quantities of length, mass and time are related to the Qur'an, namely suroh al haqqoh: 32, al furqon: 2, as sajadah: 5 and al hajj: 47. The quantity of time in SI has units of seconds or seconds which are integrated in suroh as sajadah: 5 and al hajj: 47 which has the meaning of a thousand years in the world converted to the afterlife which is equal to a day. Worldly life is shorter, faster than the afterlife both in quality and quantity. This is in accordance with suroh al 'ala verse 17 that the afterlife is more eternal and eternal.


Integration of quantity and unit material, Al-Qur'an and Sunnah, Theoanthropoecocentric.

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