Sense Relation in Pakpak and Nias Folksong (Kekelenganku and Banuagu)

Siti Isma Sari Lubis (Institut Agama Islam Negeri Padangsidimpuan, Indonesia)


Many kinds of the region that express their love,  devotion, idea, and feeling through the song. Therefore, song can be used too as the way to convey something through language which is accompanied by music, to make the listener get the composer wants to conveyed. Sometimes the listener find the difficulties in understanding the song as the language that use in the song often delivered in different way by how the means should be delivered by the composer with the intention of the listener. By identifying the sense relation in a song we can know the meaning between the words in the song. This paper choose the song that has the same topic to avoid the bias as in this research try to find out which of the song that has the most component of sense relation. Additionally the creator of these song is anonym and has been sung by more that one generation. The song that has been chosen is kekelenganku as the folksong from Pakpak and Banuagu from Nias. Both of these song contains of the pride and feeling to their hometown. It only can be found three kinds of sense relation in Pakpak song, Kekelenganku. They are synonymy, polysemy, and hyphonymy while in Nias song, Banuagu, it is only found four kinds of sense relation. They are synonymy, antonymy, hyphonymy, and polisemy.


Sense relation, Pakpak and Nias, Folksong

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