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Tariqah Ilmiah: Jurnal Ilmu Ilmu Kependidikan & Bahasa Arab published twice a year since 2014 (June and December), Tariqah Ilmiah is a multilingual (Arabic, Indonesian English), peer-reviewed journal, and specializes in Educational Sciences and Arabic Language. This journal is published by the Jurusan Pendidikan Bahasa Arab FTIK IAIN Padangsidimuan, in partnership with IMLA Indonesia (Association of Arabic Lecturers). Click Here to Download the MoU and Sertifikat Of Sinta.

Editors welcome scholars, researchers and practitioners of Arabic Education around the world to submit scholarly articles to be published through this journal. All articles will be reviewed by experts before accepted for publication. Each author is solely responsible for the content of published articles.

Thariqah Ilmiah is accredited by Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, Republic of Indonesia No. 200/M/KPT/2020 on Desember 2020 (Valid until 2023). Therefore, all articles published by Arabiyat will have unique DOI number.


Thariqah Ilmiah: Jurnal Ilmu-Ilmu Kependidikan & Bahasa Arab


ISSN Print : 2355-8717 ISSN Online : 2721-8406

Jalan T. Rizal Nurdin,KM 4,5 Sihitang, Padangsidimpuan Tenggara Kampus Utama IAIN Padangsidimpuan


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